Efficiently build, transform, and improve your sourcing processes and ways of working


In indirect material and services sourcing but specifically within IT

Tangible result

Out assignments shall provide you with measurable and tangible results

Value for money

We offer cost neutral solutions and assignments where you pay first when the results are delivered


We perform the services with our own staff and we take our position in providing tangible and measurable values.

Cost Saving Programs

Together we design and structure a program to target cost down and cost out affecting the bottom-line where the results shall be possible to measure as a “CFO”. We drive the necessary processes and activities to identify, address and move such costs out from your company.

Service Improvements

With you as a client we drive the process from a sourcing perspective, collect new ideas and trends on the market, update the strategic direction for a discrete service area and contract those partners needed to take you there. We do not stop until such services are implemented in your organization.

Process Enhancement

Many processes are being used to cater for an efficient sourcing within a company. Sometimes it is hard to pin-point the actual pain in an organization. We can assist in discovering where your pain is, what to do to remove such pain and update and implement efficient solutions, processes, methods, tools and ways of working.

Show cases

Emil Dahlin



I have engaged with Marcus and Checker Consulting & Motor in several assignments, Marcus continue to deliver tangible results and improved services above what can be expected.

Bo - Inge Stensson



By working with Marcus at Checker Consulting & Motor we reached significant total cost savings in his area of expertise. Marcus is very knowledgeable and he knows the market and market dynamics  very well.

Mr A Nonymous

CPO Indirect Material & Services

We expected to reach a certain level by doing the program our selves, we expected to reach 100% more by engaging with a consultancy firm. We reached 200% by working with Marcus and Checker Consulting & Motor.

Our experience says...

0 %
of the white collar workers in large corporations in Sweden has a mobile device provided by their employer...
0 %
of white collar workers in corporations in Europe outside Sweden has a mobile device provided by their employer.
0 %
more data has been added by us to recent contracts to cope with the “mobile office” and implications from RLAH regulation
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more data has been added by us to recent contracts to cope with the “mobile office” and implications from RLAH regulation

If you do something repeatedly and over a longer time-period eventually you will not only become good at what you do but you will also become an expert within your field.

  • For Checker Consulting & Motor one of those areas are Telecom where we have in the company experience from running such focused programs and projects in several countries over the past years.

    We help our clients improve their services, increase their coverage of services and at the same time improve the cost benefit ratio for our clients. Our internationally tested method shows the equal great results independent if it is USA, UK, Sweden or any other country

We help our clients keep their objectives on track

  • If costs are increasing or if costs needs to be pushed down and out.
  • If you spend more time running the processes leaving little time for value adding work...
  • If your supplier base are running you instead of you running them.....
  • If you don't get what you buy in terms of services....

.... we are here to help you get back on track again!

Kevin Langlais Sports Car


Our clients express their gratitude that we are not trying to sell them more projects or scope than requested

… we focus on the task at hand doing that extremely good. That is how we build trust and long cooperation’s among our clients and friends. ​

  • CEO Marcus Fahlstrom

Meet Our Team


Management Consultant

Management Consultant



Management Consultant

Marketing & Finance

“Meet our team of experienced and qualified consultants and do not hesitate to contact any of us if you’d like to get in touch and know more about our staff.”

– Marcus Fahlström, CEO

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For specific requests CEO Marcus Fahlström:

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