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Our white papers focus on topics that matter the most to you, written by our experienced team and range from best practices within Change Management and Transformation programs to Cost and Sourcing Optimization. Check out the in-depth content produced by our experienced thought leaders.

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Outsourced IT-delivery transformation 

We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration with the Client, a true pioneer and industry leader in its field.…

To BOT or not to...

A Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) model can mean very different things depending on the situation. It could be a…

The WE-factor

Have you ever felt that your current processes are not fit-for-purpose? Have you ever felt that there is too much…

Let’s call it RightSourcing!

How do you make sure that your investment decisions are the right ones and achieve your objectives?  By first asking…

Transformation services

IT-outsourcing transformation  More and more companies are striving towards an increased focus on their core business process to cater for…

Success cost savings

BackgroundClient, a Software as a Service company faced the challenge with increasing costs and expenses following the turbulence in the…

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More and more companies are striving towards an increased focus on their core business process to cater for a financially stronger organization and company over time. The initial business process being outsourced was related to sub- processes far from strategic and tactical process. Today, every business process is in scope to be challenged based on value produced in comparison to cost levels and performance.

Cost optimizaton

we identify, analyze, and optimize external-related costs with the goal of turning financial figures from red to black, while maintaining or improving the quality of goods and services. With the following five steps, we reduce and optimize the external cost and provide your company with a tool-box in order to maintain the implemented ways of working to maintain the desired cost levels and improved relationships with key suppliers:


“Our Client engagements can also be structured as Build Operate Transfer (BOT) assignments, where we, through training, hands-on implementation and continuous coaching, are making sure that new processes and tools are fully implemented in the organization and delivers long term value to our Clients. Close presence and adaption to customer specific needs is essential for a successful BOT engagement.”

Benny Hall 

Management consultant 

My passion for Procurement, Business Acumen and leading change is driving me to make our customers and stakeholders successful achieve tangible outcome.

With +20 years of procurement experience from leading transformations, in indirect spend categories from Pharma, Med-Tech and Transportation industries. I have created sustainable and added value in development and execution of IT sourcing strategies, make/buy strategies and outsourcing (BPO) at all levels, including people, process and performance. Delivering tangible value in Nordic, Germany, France, Poland, UK, US, India and China.

Mayumi Watanabe 


I help organizations to drive effective, consistent, and high standard procurement process. Extensive experience in planning, purchasing, cost savings and supplier development. Committed to achieve quantifiable results.

Throughout my journey in supply management, I orchestrated the implementation of an ERP system to heighten purchasing efficiency. Building strategic alliances with suppliers became a cornerstone, driving operational enhancements. Effectively managing vendors, I adeptly navigated through complex regulatory challenges.