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We perform the services with our own staff and we take our position in providing tangible and measurable values.

Our service-model is divided into three parts.



Improving ways of working internally and from a supplier perspective

Outsourcing improvements

Managing an outsourced environment puts strains on the organization that will manage the outsourced services. Commonly the IT- and Purchasing functions share the responsibility to manage the services and the agreements put in place. Too often companies spend less time on defining how to manage the outsourced services, who to manage, what to manage and what to source / how to source.


This results in too many cases that the internal efficiency drops, internal hostility grows, and the suppliers either get to deliver much more than initially intended, due to unclarities internally, or they fail to perform their services as agreed, due to lack of guidance, clarity from the customer or an dis-agreement what was actually outsourced.


Our transformation services target all these weak spots in performing an outsourcing and managing the outsourced services. We develop, always together with our clients, the processes to follow that describes the shared responsibilities, RASCIE-matrixes to pinpoint and schematically show who is accountable, who is responsible, develop and update role descriptions.


Transforming means change, changing and keeping the change consistent why we also ensure to run a number of sourcing activities to enable the organization to through hands-on practice work according to the new and agreed ways of working, ensuring the governance structure is in place with the right attendes and that the right questions are raised and targeted.



Our mission is to leave an fully functioning organization where the management of the clients outsourced services are working smoothly leaving a number of improvements like increased internal efficiency where time has been freed up where the client can use for other value providing activities, improved performance from the supplier community and tangible run rate reduction where our clients are spending less money on better services needing less time to manage, the our assignment is completed.

To manage these transformations we have series of tools that can be individually used but all are needed during the lifetime of an outsourced service. More can be found under our other services.

We are not able to offer operational Purchase Order 
handling Services. However, we do take on projects to lead and review your entire Procure2Pay process including a recommendation and advice on how to optimize the process in order to reduce cost, lead times and enhance quality.



Strategic Sourcing

Determining what to source and how to support Group IT

Procurement Process development

Checker assess your current Procurement organization, benchmark with industry standards and advice on how to optimize and manage your function in order to best meet your company’s objectives. Optimizing your processes and add value to your stakeholders will soon make you a natural speaking partner in all commercial decisions.

Category Management

Checker have extensive experience in defining, developing and implementing Category Management processes for Procurement functions, including spend analysis, opportunity assessment and implementation. It is a work done in tight cooperation with stakeholders, ensuring commitment and alignment of objectives throughout the whole company. Well managed it will significantly contribute to bottom line results of your company.

Vendor Management/Governance

As part of our Strategic Procurement Services offering, We offers tools and processes for managing Vendor relations as an important step to develop a best in class procurement function based on industry standards

Procurement Training

Gain a competitive edge by better understanding the procurement process and the psychology behind internal as well as external negotiation processes. We walk you through the Procurement process, internal decision processes, what signals to look for and how to best use your new insight to come out on top of the procurement process.

Tactical Sourcing

Running different outsourcing programs aligned with decided strategies

Procurement Management

Management of the entire procurement process  from feasibility study through RFx to contract finalization. The process is done by applying best  in class tools and processes including:

  • Procurement planning and preparation
  • Evaluation and Shortlisting
  • Negotiation and vendor selection 
  • Agreement finalisation

We has extensive procurement experience managing complex procurement projects within:

  • Telecom  (Networks, 
  • IT (IT Services, Hardware, Software, outsourcing)
  • Supply Chain (Distribution, Warehousing) Outsourcing (Services within IT, Telecom) 

Contract Management

The work is not done when the agreement is signed. It is now the fun starts! We offer commercial implementation support, contract compliance, escalations, dispute resolution and continuous support after completion of a procurement process

Tools & Processes

We support you in developing all necessary tools in managing an effective Procurement function, including agreements, procurement templates, evaluation tools, assessment scorecards, governance models. Savings templates etc.

Our preference on price model for our assignments 

Value based pricing 

  • With the shared targets and ambition we can together accomplish more values
  • This is a win-win setup where both are satisfied with projects delivering on or above targets and both share the down-side if we are not

Time & Material

  • We also offer regular time and material deliveries where we provide our services where time can fluctuate over the assignment period

Fixed price assignments

  • Where it is possible to define clear objectives, tasks and mandate we can offer and agree to fixed price assignment
  • Normally these fixed price assignments are related to shorter stints and not long-term transformation assignments

​Traveling and expenses

  • We ad-here traveling and expenses at cost

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