Key to success is when we share the same goals

Checker Consulting & Motor AB is a management consultancy with our focus on IT and IT Procurement, to deliver real tangible and measurable results to our clients by driving transformations for our clients. 


We want to take you from the starting grid across the finish line where you will earn the “gold medal”. Key to success is when we share the same goals, objectives and motivation of succeeding.

Our vision

To become the leading management consulting company on the market with a focus on streamlining and improving companies outsourced operations by driving improvements and change management of both IT functions, IT purchasing organizations and the companies’ outsourcing partners and the outsourced services.

We will be a strong team of experienced consultants with cutting-edge expertise in various areas within our field of operations with a strong and well-known brand in the market.

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Our values


With passion and devotion we walk the extra mile to deliver outstanding sustainable results for our clients


Our customer focus always place the interest and success of our clients first


We are committed to help our customers to achieve their objectives, ensuring value creation in all steps of our delivery

... & MOTOR

One has to stay focused

… & motor? We find ourselves often in partnership with companies and / or clients sharing our own interests in motorsport and racing. We believe that to be able to succeed in life and in assignments, one has to stay focused on the objective, be able to re-plan and adjust dependent on upcoming obstacles and being bold believing in the team and the ability to succeed and win.